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Unexpected Visitor Stalks the Corridors at College

1st April, 2020

Friday 27th March 2020 - Wildlife Correspondent, Thriftwood College.

While the United Kingdom sits pretty at home, doing their bit to fight the Corona Virus pandemic, on-duty teachers Mr. Fulljames and Mrs. Wood were facing a very different danger lurking at Thriftwood College.

An escapee from a local zoo, or a visitor from a travelling circus? No-one could tell, and the full-grown 1.2m tall, 190kg adult male lion certainly wasn’t saying a thing. The word on the street is that exotic creatures could be hiding in plain sight in homes all over the Country, so keep your eyes open and your camera phone at the ready! Send any photographic evidence you find to our news desk (seek permission first, of course).

Stay safe out there!