College News

Pumpkin Patch Project

1st July, 2019

KS4/5 Work-Linked Learning students have been busy on a "Pumpkin Patch Project" with RHS Outreach and the Thriftwood College horticulture team. This is a funded project to transform a grey area of their local community into a green space for the enjoyment of others. 

The project began with an initial visit to the new plot at the Chelmsford Community Allotments in April 2019. They met with volunteers, did a survey of the area and tested soil. This was followed up by a trip to Hyde Hall to design their ideal allotment. 

Two further sessions have seen the allotment transform into a fantastic green area with a polytunnel, shed, raised beds and a path. The students are busy creating an impressive, wire sculpture and further work will be done on a beautiful flower wall. Work is also being carried out on a new pond, seating areas and the planting of a special tree.

The last session this academic year will take place on 16th July 2019 and there is a harvest and a final big BBQ celebration planned for October.

It has been a fantastic project so far and a huge thanks goes out to Lyn McLay-Kidd, Elgan and Shane from Chelmsford City Parks and Green Spaces, as well as to Alison Findlay, the RHS Community Outreach Advisor and her wonderful team of volunteers.  

Roll on the next session!