The Hawthorns School

Hawthorns Temporary Accommodation



Hawthorns successfully opened in January 2023 with a small group of students. They enjoy using our gym and catering room. 

The Hawthorns School

The Hawthorns School is a new specialist autism provision that is being opened by the SEAX trust. Whilst they wait for their permanent building to be constructed, they will be moving into temporary accommodation on the Thriftwood College site. 

They will have their own dedicated area consisting of existing rooms at the end of our building (previously SEAX offices) and a new demountable building that will reside on our playground area. Their area will be enclosed and secure so students cannot move between the two areas.

College students have been prepared for this through assemblies. 

When the permanent building is ready, Hawthorn's students will move in. The demountable building will be removed so that college re-gain this area. The previous SEAX offices will then be utilised for students at Thriftwood College.

Here are some pictures of the work in progress:


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