About Us

Our Staff

Thriftwood School

Georgina Pryke - Executive Headteacher - School & College

Ruth Saban - School Lead (DSL)

Senior Leadership Team

Mrs Rayner - Primary Phase Lead
Miss Cooper - Middle School Phase Lead

Pastoral & Pupil Support 

 Miss Hussain - Pastoral & Pupil Support LEAD / DDSL
 Mrs Terry - Pastoral & Pupil Support


Our Classes 2022-2023

Primary Phase (Y3-6)

Class Teacher:  
Miss Tyler
Class LSA's:  Mrs Frain, Mrs Coalbran, Miss Szczurek

Class Teacher: Mrs MacLennan
Class LSA's: Mrs Hayes (M-Th), Miss Everard, Mrs Cani, Mrs Bassom

Class Teachers: Mrs Rayner (M-W) & Mrs Green (W-F)
Class LSA's: Mrs Paolini, Miss Templeton (M,Tu), Mrs Bassom, Miss Dyachenko

Class Teacher: Miss Huson
Class LSA's: Mrs Martin, Miss Templeton, Miss Diss, Mrs Bassom

Middle Phase (Y7-8)

Class Teachers: 
Mrs Chittock / Mrs Scott 
Class LSA: Mrs Choules

Class Teacher:
Miss Cooper / Mrs Chittock
Class LSA: Mrs Giles

Class Teacher: 
Miss Sayer
Class LSA: Mrs Young

Class Teacher: 
Miss Walters
Class LSA: Mrs Martin, Mrs Rourke

Class Teacher: 
Mrs Overington
Class LSA's: Mrs Coalbran, Miss Lewin

Upper Phase (Y9)

Class Teacher: 
Ms Butler
Class LSAs:  Mrs Potts, Mr Akoto, Mr Stoughton

Class Teacher: 
Mrs Evanson
Class LSAs: Mrs Prout

Class Teacher: 
Ms Hastings
Class LSA: Mrs Jordan

Staff not linked to a specific class

Mrs Anderson - Forest School Co-ordinator & Yoga Therapist
Miss Vernon - Music Therapist

Mr Ferrier - PE HLTA
Mrs Gorman - PE HLTA
Miss Mears - HLTA

Mrs Nugus - Cover Supervisor
Mr Lowman - Food Technology

Darren Mussenden - ICT Manager
David Markham - ICT Support

Admin Team

Samantha Coldwell - Reception
Kim Kelly - Office Administrator
Tracey Imhof - PA to Headteacher / HR
Rebecca Johnson - Business Manager
Suzanne Watling - Business Co-Ordinator
Charlotte Skelton - Interim Business Management Support

Site Staff

David Bailey - Estate Manager
Tim Farmborough - Site Assistant
Liz Kemp - Cleaner
Helen Page - Catering Manager
Emma Farmborough - Cook / Cleaner
Sarah Wallace - Cook / Cleaner






Call the School office on 01245 266880 or email admin@thriftwoodschool.com

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