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Assessment at Thriftwood School 7-14 years

On entry to Thriftwood School, we assess pupils in the following ways:

Thriftwood Fundamentals for the Future (FFF)
Baseline in Healthy Learning and Employment, Lifestyle and Good Choices, Personal Development and Independence and Relationship and Community

        Pupils’ own personal targets and hopes and aspirations for the future



Speaking & Listening 

Thriftwood own assessment system Baseline

Levels and progress are assessed termly

 Termly Writing Moderation


Shape Space and Measure or
Using and Applying


Summative testing

Salford Sentence and Reading Test
(Reading and Comprehension Age)

Single Word Spelling Test
(Spelling Age)

Sandwell Early Numeracy Test
(Number age)

Yearly (1:1 basis or in small group)

End of each Key stage and KS3 new starters (1:1 basis)

Year 9 Internal Exams designed at Entry Level 1 and 2 (with extension of Entry Level 3), to prepare pupils for external accreditations in years 11 and 13


One Plan Targets

All of the above, as well as outcomes set out in the Pupils EHCP, are used to create personalised One Plan Targets, including long term outcomes with smaller steps towards these where appropriate.

Targets are shared with pupils in appropriate way to each individual. This might be in books, during target time, on a 1:1 basis or during interventions. Achievement towards these are marked in books, celebrated with the individual and evidenced on Tapestry.


Targets and progress are shared with parents at Parents evenings, though annual Parent reports and during One Plan Meetings.


Case studies and SEN panel
We undertake case studies in order to recognise, track and monitor the ‘softer targets’. These help staff to identify barriers to learning and to reflect on impact of interventions. We discuss all pupils in our half termly SEN panel


Key Stage 2 Statutory Tests
For the vast majority of Thriftwood Pupils, the Key Stage 2 statutory assessment Test are not appropriate. Pupils are working below the expected level to enable them to access the test and therefore we will not be administering the tests. If a pupil makes significant progress and has covered the appropriate amount of KS2 curriculum in order to access the test, this will be considered on an individual basis


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