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Assessment at Thriftwood School 7-14 years

When students enter Thriftwood School their level is baselined using PIVATs (Performance Indicators for Valued Assessment and Targeted Learning), in addition to number, reading and spelling tests to determine their Learning Level.  Assessment data on individual students provided from other schools offers a guide only. 

 From the baseline assessment process, and using pupils’ own thoughts regarding their future, the outcomes as set out in the Education Health Care Plan, and next curriculum stages, small step targets are set.     

‘Live’ small step targets (towards the bigger outcome) are discussed with the pupils and may be displayed either on the pupil’s book or may be displayed on the classroom wall. Targets are referred to when work is marked, achievement towards them is monitored and discussed with each pupil. 

Across the 7-14 years age group, staff are using a wide range of formative assessment to track pupil progress towards the long-term outcomes set: 

  • Reading, writing, speaking and listening, number, shape space and measure, using and applying trackers are used to monitor progress in P scales or Learning Levels.
  • Moderated writing tasks
  • Key skills tracking in the Fundamentals for the Future Framework
  • Specific ASD assessments if required (SCERTS, Attention Autism)

In addition, an online photographic learning record is maintained for all students.

Learning Levels are linked to learning, throughout the curriculum, which enables pupil progress to be tracked in a data form.  We also undertake Case Studies of individual pupils to track progress in the ‘softer’ targets, identifying barriers to learning and reflecting upon the impact that interventions have had to support pupil progress. 

In September, January and June teacher assessment using P levels / Learning Levels for Language/Literacy, Mathematics, Fundamentals for the Future skills are recorded and discussed with parents and where appropriate, with pupils.

 In addition to the above, staff also employ a range of summative assessment; 

  • Reading Test
  • Spelling Test (Single Word Spelling Test)
  • Maths Number assessment (GL Assessment) for upon entry to Thriftwood and in year 6
  • Entry Level equivalent internal exam for Literacy and Maths administered at year 9 (where appropriate).


The above are carried out yearly or on an individual basis more regularly to monitor progress if required.

Data produced through these assessments is shared with parents through Progress Evenings, School Reports and One Planning meetings.

For the vast majority of pupils at Thriftwood School the Key Stage 2 Assessment Tests are not appropriate, as the pupils will not have covered the whole curriculum and will not be working at a level enabling them to access the paper, therefore, we will not be administering the Assessment.  If there is a pupil, who is demonstrating consistently, through their work and their attitude to learning, and who has covered enough of the KS2 curriculum, that they may be able to access the SATs paper, this will be considered on an individual basis through discussion with the parent.                                                                      


Please find below PIVATs 5 Learning Level descriptors.
I02Q6289 I02Q4809 I02Q5339