About Us

Our Vision, Values & Ethos

Educate             Challenge          Prepare

We aim to develop independent, confident and healthy individuals who are able to lead a purposeful life.


 Biennial aims

We will create a seamless journey through Thriftwood School and College.

We will use a therapeutic and holistic nurturing approach to meet the needs of all our young people.

We will work with the local community to increase understanding and acceptance of SEND.


How does Thriftwood ensure pupil safety and encourage good behaviour?

We are committed to providing a safe and positive environment for pupils.  This means high expectations and a clear and consistent approach to managing behaviour. 

The Thriftwood Code provides a framework for everyone, pupils and staff, and underpins our Pupil Care and Safeguarding Package – Pupil Profile, Multi-Agency Support, Behaviour for Learning, Anti-Bullying and Child Protection policies.

The Thriftwood Code expects all in the school community to:-

  • Show Respect
  • Be Kind
  • Listen Well
  • Work Hard
  • Tell the Truth
  • Be Friendly
  • Take Care of Property
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