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Thriftwood is part of the SEAX Multi-Academy Trust and is situated in Chelmsford.

We are a day school catering for children and young people aged 7 to 19 years who have moderate learning difficulties - including multiple and complex needs - such as autism, speech, language and social communication difficulties.

We offer a tailored curriculum that focuses on key skills, whilst also providing a broad and engaging knowledge base.  Promoting independence and personal and social skills are fundamental to every lesson.

We strongly believe in creating a culture of achievement and recognition, in which pupils want to participate, developing responsibility, tolerance and respect for others.  We are inclusive and strive to work together to help our pupils reach their full potential.  Our dedicated staff work hard to gain detailed knowledge of each pupil, to promote their strengths by nurturing and supporting progress so that everyone can develop confidence and build positive self-esteem.

We are keen to work closely in partnership with both parents and other agencies to build up a trusting relationship and provide a consistent approach supporting each child’s welfare.

Georgina Pryke - Executive Headteacher


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Thriftwood CodeA Safe & Positive Environment

The Thriftwood Code expects everyone in the school community to:-