Thriftwood School is looking to appoint an enthusiastic and motivated Business Support Administrator to join our Finance Team.

22.5 hours per week - Salary Band 3

Initial working pattern:Monday-Friday. Proposed timings: 9.30 a.m.- 2.30 p.m.

CLOSING DATE: Friday 18th January 2019

INTERVIEW DATE: Friday 25th January 2019

START DATE: Monday 4th February, or as soon as possible after interview

For full details please click HERE

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Following the receipt of the end of year reports, here are some of the comments received from the parents' of our students...

"The difference in our son since attending Thriftwood is outstanding - his confidence is growing and he loves all his friends."

"Thank you to every member of staff, past and present, for everything you have done for my son - he has had a fantastic year at School and I am so pleased with the progress he has made."

"With the progress that our son is making with your dedicated support, we are very much looking forward to seeing what he can achieve in the future."

"We really love the new style of report - it really gave us more of an insight as to what our son has been up to.  As always we are incredibly grateful for all the hard work you put into teaching the children.  It never goes un-noticed."

"Our daughter has improved so much since she has been at Thriftwood.  She used to tell us only negative stories now we get positive and funny stories.  She has attempted all sorts of things she never would have done without your encouragement. She LOVES going to school.  Thank you."

"The trip to Kingswood has done so much for our son's confidence - we have noticed a positive change at home too with wanting to help around the house and generally wanting more responsibility."

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank all members of staff for their hard work with our daughter - it has been a great relief this year to see her going off happily to School."

"We are absolutely thrilled with the progress our son has made in his first year at Thriftwood.  We cannot thank the staff enough for all their hard work, encouragement and giving him the best opportunities to grow and develop.  Thank you all!"

"Our daughter has had the most amazing year at Thriftwood School.  She has become so confident and independent.  We never dreamt she would go away with the School but she did and we are so proud of her - she will always remember the few days she went to Kingswood."

"We are very pleased with our son's progress since being at Thriftwood.  We have seen a remarkable difference.  We would like to thank all the staff at Thriftwood for helping in developing his education."

"Since coming to Thriftwood our son is a much happier little boy.  Thank you to the staff for all they do."

"Our son would never have thrived if he was still in mainstream and we are extremely grateful every day for Thriftwood School."

"In our son's first year at Thriftwood we have seen him grow and change for the better - he has told us that he is so happy because he 'fits in'.  Thank you for the hard work you have all put in to get him this far."

"It's very refreshing to have a report focussing on the positives and not being compared to the rest of the class or age-group.  Thank you."

"To hear your son described as 'remarkable', 'resiliant', and a 'real thinker' and for you to see in him what we see....makes us very proud!  It's fabulous to hear him come home so animated and enthusiastic - talking about what he has learnt.  We are excited for what comes next.  Thank you."

"Thriftwood has changed my little girls' life.  Thank you so much."

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